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Formed to provide land planning and zoning services to clients in Eagle County, the west slope of Colorado, and the Rocky Mountain region, we have extensive experience with private and public sector clients, including non-profits, homeowner associations, and special districts.


Many of our projects involve a variety of planning services. We focus on providing a successful and profitable outcome to the client through projects that enrich our mountain communites and conserve the natural landscape.



As a small owner-managed firm, we are involved in project oversight and efficiently coordinate with a variety of professionals to ensure success.


We work with a broad range of disciplines and provide services to public agencies and planning departments that include: land use analysis, site planning, master plan and comprehensive planning, code updates, policy formulation and staff advisement, expert witness and testimony, zoning and design review, development plan review and public meeting facilitation.



Coordinating plans with environmental constraints of a property is an important component of responsible site planning.


We  verify Clean Water Act requirements, design stream restoration and mitigation plans related to wetlands and riparian areas, prepare habitat and sensitive species inventories, prepare finding of no significant impact reports, and streamline the local, state and federal regulatory processes.

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